I Love To See You Smile

All proceeds from the sale or streaming of The Smile Song, "I Love to See You Smile," including ring tones and other related products, go to cancer research or support. The proceeds will be maintained in their own specific bank account, separate from all other business activities. It is intended to file for a 501(c) non-profit status for these funds. When the 501(c) is created, the details will be posted on this page or a similar page of the randyalda.com website. It is expected that the funds will be overseen by a non-profit foundation with board members, or similar organization, and distributed to one or more cancer research or support organizations based upon their approval. Selection of board members has already commenced. The foundation or other non-profit organization established will meet and comply with all rules, regulations and laws for the state of Texas and any applicable federal laws. It is intended to be as transparent as reasonably possible regarding the dollar amounts donated up to a certain date and the dollar amount of any distributions, including the name of the cancer research or support  organization to which the funds were distributed. I personally appreciate your purchase of The Smile Song and related products. If you wish to delay any purchases until the 501(c) or similar non-profit status is created for The Smile Song products, I certainly understand and apologize for any inconvenience related to the delay. I'm a new musical artist and everything takes time. The 501(c) or similar non-profit status will be created through the state of Texas just as soon as reasonably possible and as the funds needed for its creation allow. It is intended that 100% of the proceeds from The Smile Song go to charity and that all expenses, if maintained within reason, will be payed by me, Randy Alda.  


So, why do I give away what could possibly be a multi-million dollar song? From my perspective, no matter what happens in my life, I'll probably always have enough. And, how many times in a person's life do you get the opportunity to do something positive than can impact millions of peoples' quality of life? I see The Smile Song as that opportunity for me. So, let's raise some money. Let's do something good, together. 


                                                                                              Best Regards,

                                                                                              Randy Alda

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