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I Write and Sing Love Songs

I believe that for music to be considered good music, it should elicit an emotional or physical response. It should make you smile or make you cry, make you tap your toe, think about someone you love or someone you miss. On my website, I hope you find some good music.

                                                                                                                                                Randy Alda

With a voice that has been described as “rich” and “expressive”. 

Randy Alda is a singer-songwriter from the state of Texas.

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The Way You Look Tonight

The Great American Songbook

Can you imagine what it might have been like to live in the Big Band days? Perhaps sitting at a fancy dinner and everyone is all dressed up?  Sinatra is on stage, not more than 10 feet in front of you, because you’re sitting in the good seats. He’s singing, “Fly Me to the Moon.” The orchestra is playing and people are starting to get up and move to the dance floor. What a magical time. That’s what these songs make me think about. These guys could sing, really sing. And, they sang wonderful love songs: “Fly Me to the Moon,” “You Make Me Feel So Young,” Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime,” “That’s A'more,” “When I Fall In Love,” and they were backed by amazing jazz bands. What a great sound.  A sound that makes me want to just step back in time. Close your eyes and listen. Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole.

They were all there. With a little imagination, you could be there too.

Daddy's Little Girl

Having raised girls, I wanted to write a song about that special daddy-daughter relationship and capture some of the memories I have of them when they were little. The song is orchestrated as a light waltz to serve as a father-daughter dance song at a wedding. If you've got a soft spot in your heart, you may want to keep a box of tissues close by. I hope you like it.   

That's Amore

Is there anything better than being in love? " Considered a Dean Martin best song, that's Amore" (That's' Love) was a big hit and signature song for Dean Martin in 1954. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore." How do you know if you're in love? "When you walk down the street with a cloud at your feet, you're in love.


It's about the little things that remind us how much we love someone and loving that special person a little more every day.

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This smile song was written with the thought of what a woman’s smile means to us men, but it really goes beyond that. It applies equally to how a woman feels about her man or even perhaps her child. It’s orchestrated to be happy and to serve as a smile cam song at ball parks around the country. I hope you also occasionally hear it in your favorite Italian restaurant or pizzeria. This was the 4th song I wrote. It was originally written as a love ballad. To adapt the ballad for use as a smile cam song, it was orchestrated in a light waltz style to give it that happy lighthearted feel. The only accompaniment music that you hear is that of two accordion players. The accordion players are originally from Belarus. They are a husband and wife team and now live in Texas. 

When You Look At The Flag What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at the flag of the United States of America? I hope you see more than just the colors, red, white and blue. I hope you think of more than a 4th of July parade or a long holiday weekend at the lake with family and friends. You certainly don’t have to be a military veteran to understand and appreciate all the lives that have been lost to secure the freedom and liberties that we enjoy in the USA every day. But, as a U.S. Navy veteran and submariner, that’s my perspective. Many of our military put their lives on the line for us every day. And, even during peacetime, some only come home covered by our flag. When I look at the flag, the stars remind me that I can’t count all of those men and women who have died for me. The red stripes, I see and think of the blood that they shed for my freedom. And the white stripes remind me of the liberties that we enjoy as a free people in this wonderful country we call the United States.  I hope you see more than just red, white and blue.

Everybody Loves Somebody

Is there any song that reminds us more of Dean Martin than "Everybody Loves Somebody (Sometime)"? Some people might suggest the song, "That's Amore." But, for me "Everybody Loves Somebody" was Dean Martin. A "crooner" is often defined as someone, usually a man, who sings in a sentimental style with a soft, low voice.  For me, and many others, "Dino" was the definition. I hope you enjoy my version of Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody."


Considered a Dean Marin best song, the Sway song was a big hit for Dino in 1954. "Sway with me. Dance with me. Stay with me." The song is often used as tango music. Hear "Sway" as you've never heard it before. This is perhaps the first recording of "Sway," or one of few, by a baritenor.

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April at Augusta

A new instrumental song for those who love the Augusta National Golf Tournament, The Masters. This song tries to capture that feeling many of us have when we think about the history of competition and the beauty of the Augusta National Golf Course. Enjoy.

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Tomorrow's Not Enough

My parents were married almost 51 years when my dad passed away. When I wrote this song in 2018, my dad had been gone 12 years. And, even after all that time, when my mother would speak of him, she'd cry. My parents were a wonderful example of two people that loved each other very much. If she could love him another day, she would. "Tomorrow's Not Enough." When I started writing songs again after many many years, this was the first song I wrote.

Song will be available for sale January 4th.

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