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Randy Alda




Singing in the church from age 4, Randy Alda is a singer-songwriter from the state of Texas. He is a classically trained tenor with the voice coloring of a baritone (a baritenor or lyric tenor).


Mr. Alda has performed for nine seasons as a soloist for with “The Promise,” a musical drama about the life of Christ, based in Glen Rose, Texas. His years with The Promise Glen Rose included performances in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

After years of singing for the mere love of music and the cause of Christ, in May of 2019, Mr. Alda decided to throw his hat into the professional music singing arena. “Why not do what I love all the time?”

His initial music offerings were two self-written songs, “When You Look At The Flag, What Do You See?”, a patriotic song about our United States flag and a love song, “I Love To See You Smile.” A new version of the Flag Song has been released for Memorial Day weekend 2023.

In 2019, Mr. Alda also released the self-written song, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” a very emotionally moving song about the father daughter relationship. Father daughter wedding dance songs, is there anything more special than that last moment a dad has with his little girl?

He enjoys singing some of Dean Martin’s best songs, as well as those of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and others. Two of Mr. Alda’s earliest music releases were the songs, “Everybody Loves Somebody” (everybody needs somebody) which was a big hit for Dean Martin in 1954 and the song, “Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)” which was made popular by lounge singer crooner Frank Sinatra.

Mr. Alda enjoys life with his wonderful wife of 39 years, their 2 daughters and son-in-laws, 6 grandchildren and his 85 pound Goldendoodle Molly. He is a US Navy veteran submariner and an Eagle Scout.

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